South Carolina Business Review – Peter Pigeon

The 2018 tax reform brought the most changes to the federal income tax code in over 30 years. And your first real experience with these changes will probably be when you file your upcoming tax return. In general, most tax-payers will pay less tax in 2018 compared to prior years, but our next guest says this law has also created some new retirement planning choices, especially for those planning to retire during the next five years. 

Mike Switzer interviews Peter Pigeon, a Certified Financial Planner with Hobbs Group Advisors in Columbia, SC.

You may listen to this interview here.

South Carolina Business Review – Garet Strange

Hiring a financial planner does not mean the same thing to all people.  And our next guest says that can cause a lot of confusion.  So he’s in our studio today to help clear up some of these myths.

Mike Switzer interviews Garet Strange, a financial planner and V.P. of operations for Hobbs Group Advisors in Columbia, SC.

You may listen to the interview here