Planning For Your Retirement Transition

Feeling the weight of retirement planning decisions? Afraid you might make a mistake before you reach the finish line? Hobbs Group Advisors is here to help you make informed decisions about your retirement transition. As you approach retirement, it’s common to have concerns about transitioning from being paid for your labor (paycheck/business) to suddenly paying yourself from your financial resources. This transition can cause major stress for individuals and couples as they approach their desired retirement age. By taking clients through our Financial Planning Process, we can help you gain confidence in your ability to make this step, and we can walk you through the steps you can take now, to ensure a better outcome in retirement. This is why most of our clients come to us prior to retiring. Planning is best when done well in advance, so let us help you plan for this major event as soon as possible. 

What are the key questions we attempt to answer?

  • How do you plan to live in retirement? What do you plan to do? Will you work? Will you travel? How much will it cost to achieve these goals?  
  • How much will healthcare cost?
  • How should your investments change while in retirement? 
  • What is the optimal timing for drawing Social Security? 
  • What will your tax situation look like in retirement? How can you save taxes both before and after retirement? 
  • What are your inheritance goals?

What is our process for pre-retirees?

By taking clients through our financial planning process, we seek to understand your unique set of circumstances. We uncover all of your available financial resources, and then we listen to your goals and desires. Some of our clients love their occupation and plan to work in retirement, while others wish they could have quit yesterday. We thoroughly analyze the data to see what is possible for your goals. Every client’s situation is different. For example, there is no optimal time to elect social security for everyone. Rules of thumb do not provide the level of precision desired by most of our clients. The end result is often a significant feeling of confidence and empowerment that you can make this transition!

Why Choose Hobbs Group Advisors, LLC?

  • Tax Smart: We understand Income Tax and can help you plan for maximum tax efficiency. We work closely with the professionals of The Hobbs Group, PA, who have experience serving clients since 1986.
  • (Fierce) Independence: We are Advisor-owned and Advisor-run. Our independence reduces potential conflicts of interest.
  • Expertise: Our extensive experience with Tax, Retirement Plan Consulting, and Insurance Services gives us a unique competency to help solve your financial challenges. There are very few things we haven’t seen.