Do you have investment questions? We’ve got answers! Check out our answers to frequently asked questions about financial planning, wealth management, business solutions and more.

  • We are focused on financial planning and tax planning. We have 3 CFP® professionals, and we work closely with tax professionals to ensure our clients are being tax-smart with their planning.

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  • We have a minimum annual fee of $6,250 for Wealth Management Services. While we do not have an investment minimum, we are fiduciaries and cannot accept clients unless it is in their best interest to pay our minimum annual fee for these services. Please note that HGA does have other services, like planning and digital investment advice, that doesn’t require the same minimum fee as Wealth Management. For more information about our fees, please see our most recent brochure.

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  • A fiduciary is legally obligated to make recommendations solely in the best interest of their clients. If you think about it, how can you trust an entity with your life savings if they aren’t a fiduciary? HGA has been a fiduciary since we opened our doors. While most advisors claim to be fiduciaries, we are serious about always thinking about our client’s best interest. We are fiercely independent and our recommendations are without influence from a larger parent company.

  • We meet virtually, in-person, and over the phone. Our meeting medium is entirely at the convenience of our clients. We utilize Microsoft Teams and Zoom, and find them to be extremely effective for sharing charts and other visuals with our clients. We have had meetings with clients while they were in their living rooms, at their vacation homes, and even on boats.

  • HGA has clients throughout the country. We work with many of our clients virtually, and do not require in-person meetings in order to effectively serve our clients. While most of our clients reside in South Carolina, we work well with people approaching retirement, business owners, and professionals regardless of their location.

  • After the onboarding process, we typically have two virtual or in-person meetings with our clients per year. This can vary depending on the preference and needs of each client, but our ideal meeting time is in the spring and fall of each year. We typically assist with tax support in the spring and discuss tax planning in the fall. We are always available to meet with our clients whenever you need us, as certain unplanned situations and big financial decisions require real-time financial advice. We want to be your first call during life-changing events, including potential business liquidity events, health and job changes, inheritance, and even difficult family dynamics.

  • The onboarding process for new Wealth Management clients requires a series of discussions for us to gain a deep understanding of your assets, goals, desires, and values. This typically requires a series of 2–4 virtual or in-person meetings to develop an accurate net worth statement, create a realistic retirement income projection, and to develop a thorough investment strategy. We will discuss your risk tolerance, review your previous years’ tax returns, identify insurance policies, and make recommendations on future actions to help you reach your goals.

  • Our process for potential new clients is to have a no-obligation introductory discussion. This can be over the phone, virtual, or in-person. You can call us, email us, or hit the Get In Touch button on our website to schedule a consultation. Our goal during this meeting is to better understand your situation, while also allowing you to learn more about us and how we work with clients. We are not right for everyone, so we hope to determine if we are a fit for each other prior to moving forward. If we both agree to work together and can identify the most appropriate service for your needs, we will then move through our new client onboarding process.

  • Our fees differ based on the service provided. For example, For HGA Plan, we either charge an hourly fee of $300 per hour, or a minimum monthly retainer fee of $300. For HGA Wealth, we charge an Assets Under Management Fee (AUM), which is a fee typically deducted from your investment account. The minimum fee for Wealth Management Services is $6,250 per year. For more information on our fees, please see our brochure.

  • Hobbs Group Advisors offers the following services:

    1. HGA Plan: Financial planning billed on an hourly basis or as a monthly retainer fee. This service is good for people that are interested in some help solving a particular issue (retirement income), or for growing families with a high income who wish to have continuous advice on growing and protecting their net worth.
    2. HGA Wealth: Wealth Management services, which includes continuous financial planning and tax-smart investment management. This service is appropriate for pre-retirees, business owners, and professional service providers.
    3. HGA Institutional: Retirement Plan Consulting and Institutional Asset Management services are offered to businesses and non-profit organizations.
    4. HGA Protect: HGA offers insurance services to both individuals and businesses. These services are typically provided to clients that engage HGA for one or more services above. Insurance offered includes but is not limited to Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Long-Term Care Insurance, Employee Benefit Plans, and Individual Medical Insurance.