HGA Wealth

Our premier service, HGA Wealth, integrates comprehensive financial planning with our unique investment advisory process. We understand that managing your wealth can be complex and time consuming. That’s why we’re here to do the heavy lifting for you, allowing you to focus on what matters most in your life.

Our team of experts take the burden off your shoulders by handling all aspects of your financial life with precision and care. From crafting a comprehensive financial plan to actively managing your investments and monitoring your progress towards specific financial goals, we’re committed to ensuring that your financial life is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Wealth Management May Be Appropriate For:

  1. Pre-Retirees
  2. Business Owners
  3. Executives
  4. Professionals


We utilize an assets under management (AUM) fee structure to determine our pricing for this service. This means our fees are based on the total value of the investment assets we manage on your behalf. Our minimum annual fee for this service is $6,250. All fees must be disclosed and agreed upon, in writing, prior to engaging with Hobbs Group Advisors, LLC.

New Wealth Management Client Onboarding

We start off every Wealth Management relationship by taking our clients through our onboarding process. This process typically requires a series of discussions for us to gain a deep understanding of your assets, goals, desires, and values. This typically requires a series of 2–4 virtual or in-person meetings to develop an accurate net worth statement, create a realistic retirement income projection, and to develop a thorough investment strategy. We will discuss your risk tolerance, review your previous years’ tax returns, identify insurance policies, and make recommendations on future actions to help you reach your goals.

We take a hands-on approach to tax planning and communicating with other professionals. We create an annual service calendar to map out our ongoing work throughout the year and we prepare an Annual Tax Letter used to assist your tax professional with the preparation of your annual tax return. We also annually review your tax return and keep copies in your client file. This often comes in handy when financial institutions require documents for lending purposes.

HGA Investment Philosophy & Approach

Our investment philosophy is based on the following 5 Pillars:


All the investment returns do not matter unless you are very clear on the cost and the timeframe of your goals. This is why we build a plan first!


Our portfolios are designed to help reduce risk during periods of higher volatility and to participate in capital appreciation when markets are more constructive. Our goal is to generate impactful after-tax, after-inflation returns while mitigating portfolio risks.


We diversify portfolios across global equities, multiple asset classes, and style factors. We utilize alternative assets and strategies to reduce portfolio volatility.


We make investment decisions based on empirical evidence and quantitative research.


We utilize strategies like asset location, charitable giving, and systematic tax-loss harvesting to proactively reduce your tax bill.

Our Financial Planning Process (HGA Plan)


Let's get to know each other and decide if we are a good fit. We will explain how we work with clients like you and the types of fees we charge for certain services.


Once you are comfortable, we will require a written agreement officially hiring HGA for services. This agreement will outline the fees and services provided by our firm.

Data Gathering

Fill out our digital Financial Fact Finder within your timeframe. We will walk you through any questions you have to give us a complete picture of your finances.


We will review and confirm your financial picture with you. We will begin to formulate goals at this point.


We will deliver recommendations, projections, and action steps to help you reach your goals. We will answer any questions you have, and make any adjustments you'd like as we refine your plan.