What does it mean that you are a fiduciary?

A fiduciary is legally obligated to make recommendations solely in the best interest of their clients. If you think about it, how can you trust an entity with your life savings if they aren’t a fiduciary? HGA has been a fiduciary since we opened our doors. While most advisors claim to be fiduciaries, we are serious about always thinking about our client’s best interest. We are fiercely independent and our recommendations are without influence from a larger parent company.

Do you meet virtually or in-person only?

We meet virtually, in-person, and over the phone. Our meeting medium is entirely at the convenience of our clients. We utilize Microsoft Teams and Zoom, and find them to be extremely effective for sharing charts and other visuals with our clients. We have had meetings with clients while they were in their living rooms, at their vacation homes, and even on boats.

Do you meet with clients out of state/out of country?

HGA has clients throughout the country. We work with many of our clients virtually, and do not require in-person meetings in order to effectively serve our clients. While most of our clients reside in South Carolina, we work well with people approaching retirement, business owners, and professionals regardless of their location.

What are your fees?

Our fees differ based on the service provided. For example, For HGA Plan, we either charge an hourly fee of $300 per hour, or a minimum monthly retainer fee of $300. For HGA Wealth, we charge an Assets Under Management Fee (AUM), which is a fee typically deducted from your investment account. The minimum fee for Wealth Management Services is $6,250 per year. For more information on our fees, please see our brochure.

What Services do you provide?

Hobbs Group Advisors offers the following services:

  1. HGA Plan: Financial planning billed on an hourly basis or as a monthly retainer fee. This service is good for people that are interested in some help solving a particular issue (retirement income), or for growing families with a high income who wish to have continuous advice on growing and protecting their net worth.
  2. HGA Wealth: Wealth Management services, which includes continuous financial planning and tax-smart investment management. This service is appropriate for pre-retirees, business owners, and professional service providers.
  3. HGA Institutional: Retirement Plan Consulting and Institutional Asset Management services are offered to businesses and non-profit organizations.
  4. HGA Protect: HGA offers insurance services to both individuals and businesses. These services are typically provided to clients that engage HGA for one or more services above. Insurance offered includes but is not limited to Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Long-Term Care Insurance, Employee Benefit Plans, and Individual Medical Insurance.

Institutional Asset Management

For more than 17 years, Hobbs Group Advisors has served as Investment Consultants to many local businesses and organizations. Our Institutional Consulting services are more than just creating a robust asset management strategy. We work in harmony with your investment committee to ensure all directives are met. We will build an investment strategy that matches your organization’s unique goals. We will work to understand cash flow needs, investment timeframe, and the level of risk required to meet your desired investment outcome.

Institutional Asset Management Services Include the Following:

  • Asset management solutions in equity, fixed-income, and blended disciplines
  • Cash Management services
  • Investment policy statement development
  • Board reporting for non-profit organizations

Institutional Asset Management services are priced as an Asset Under Management (AUM) Fee. This annual fee ranges from 0.25% to 1.25%, depending on the services performed and the amount of assets managed. All fees must be disclosed and agreed upon, in writing, prior to engaging with Hobbs Group Advisors, LLC.

Retirement Plan Consulting (Corporate Retirement Plans)

One of our main services is Retirement Plan Consulting. We serve over 50 institutional clients on their respective plans. Each plan has a dedicated Certified Financial Planner TM, an associate advisor, and a participant service team. We’re local to our plans and not a 1-800 number, so we can adapt quickly to whatever you or your participants need. We simplify administration, by alleviating fiduciary responsibilities to you as the plan sponsor, while supporting and educating employees on the great benefits available to them.

Types of Plans We Represent:

  • 401(k) & Profit-Sharing Plans
  • 403(b) Plans
  • Cash Balance & Defined Benefit Pension Plans
  • 457(b) & 409(A) Executive Compensation Plans for Non-Profit Organizations

Our Consulting Services Include:

  1. Plan Compliance & Design Consulting
  2. Ongoing Participant Education & Communication
  3. Ongoing Fiduciary & Compliance Support
  4. Investment Consulting
  5. Provider Comparative Analysis

Fees are custom to each plan and can be priced as Assets Under Management (AUM), Annual Retainer Fee, an hourly consulting fee, or some combination. All fees must be disclosed and agreed upon, in writing, prior to engaging with Hobbs Group Advisors, LLC.